Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Re-Peter Cook Plaque 'n' Bash -Update

Sunday 15th Feb 2009- The Peter Cook (Plaque 'n' Bash) event :
Venue/details to be announced after going to press later next week!
In the meantime, view this press link about Peters' plaque-http://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2009/02/04/8233/plaque_to_honour_peter_cook?rss
Those wishing to know more about the 'private' bash then please get in touch for more details before guest list is full!!!
-A genuine event for genuine fans-
Latest News:: 4/2/9
A new plaque to be announced soon!
I'm delighted to say that there will be another Plaque going up in the very near future, dedicated to a couple of comedy legends that have graced a certain building in Central London!
It already has the backing of those concerned and I have been approached to help put this all together! I look forward to the challenge!!!!!
More news in a few weeks when I can make this formally public!
Stay Tuned folks!!!

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