Thursday, 26 February 2009

Gone Fishing.. theoretically speaking!

Hi folks,

Well, not really much to report this week so I'm keeping it rather brief!
I'm just currently recording whilst in the midst of creating a new project which I'll reveal more about at a later date plus currently, plying my reserve energy into another situation and hoping on a wee positive breakthrough very close to the Biddiss bosom!!!

Well that's all, said it would be brief ..which is a new thing for me writing on this blog:)

Keep tuned.
keep well
look after yourselves!!

Mr B

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Peter Cook plaque :It's up..thank f**k!

...& Finally!

After a year & a half, from coming up with the obsurd idea of honouring one of the worlds greatest comedians , to trying to arrange the day only to have had it hijacked halfway through which caused a split between myself and The Heritage Foundation who organised the official bash,along with Westminster Council. The plaque with my lovingly put inscription has finally been nailed to the wall (not in chiswick-Derek & clive fans know what I mean:) ) ..

I can finally put to bed an episode that has been anything but fun!

Well, thankfully, this little saga which entailed a couple of deranged online stalkers ( who are still now mailing me with there bile (we know who you are) has been put to bed, I can move on to pastures new finally! I'm now looking to recharge the Biddiss batteries and plow on competing the album and start getting back into normal well as licking my wounds :(!!

I shall be back soon with a new page and a new start!!

Has it been worth all the strain ???

No, not really but I have no regrets,, aside from a few from the ones who mattered!!!

All the best


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Peter Cook Plaque 'n' Bash- Details announced



The Peter Cook Plaque 'n' Bash

Sunday 15th Feb at 12:30pm (following Plaque unvieling at 12pm)

The Coach & Horses /The Private Eye Rooms

(Entrance Free but subject to guest list)

29 Greek Street, Soho

Not only... A Plaque unvieling to the lengendary comedian Peter Cook

On Sunday 15th Feb, the late great Comedian Peter Cook will be honoured by way of a special green plaque. Dedicated to his outstanding contribution to comedy/ Satire.
The Public unveiling of the plaque (By Westminster Council and The Heritage Foundation) takes place outside the Old Establishment Club (18 Greek street, soho)at 12pm sharp and is likely to be attended by many of Peter Cooks old friends, family and colleagues, (including Sir David Frost,Bremner, Bird & Fortune etc)

....But Also ...The Peter Cook tribute plaque 'n' bash
From 12:30pm-The Coach & Horses, 29 Greek Street, Soho

After the plaque ceremony, Mark Biddiss (The man behind the plaque idea & original campaign), along with the comedian, Nick Wilty, will be hosting "The 'Peter Cook Plaque 'n' bash" at The Coach and Horses ( 29 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1V 5LL)

This public tribute bash will be solely to celebrate the life and times of the 'comedians comedian' Peter Cook. Along with guests from the world of comedy attending, old friends of Peter cook will also be in attendance plus a possible very special guest!!!!

The Free bash will entail a nice sunday get together with much laughter and music being the order of the day! We have arranged a good ole' comedy sing-a-long plus a screening that day of some of Peter Cooks' finest moments (including a full showing of the the infamous -Derek & Clive film)

Guest list will be strict and on a 1st come 1st served basis only.

If you wish to attend then please RSVP to no later than Saturday 14th Feb!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Re-Peter Cook Plaque 'n' Bash -Update

Hi Folks,

If you are interested in attending the Plaque 'n' bash being held at an renowned alternative location then please get in touch soon as we have almost reached the critea of guests invited!
Although this is a private bash, I am happy to accomodate a few genuine Peter Cook fans!

The get together will consist of music & a good ole' comedy sing-a-long with a 'twist' plus we will be screening some of Peters finest moments and a great many laughs will be had and shared on the day!! It will be a fantastic day all round!

The Venue will be revealed towards the end of next week along with additional information!

For RSVP consideration, please write in !

Many thanks


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Re-Peter Cook Plaque 'n' Bash -Update

Sunday 15th Feb 2009- The Peter Cook (Plaque 'n' Bash) event :
Venue/details to be announced after going to press later next week!
In the meantime, view this press link about Peters' plaque-
Those wishing to know more about the 'private' bash then please get in touch for more details before guest list is full!!!
-A genuine event for genuine fans-
Latest News:: 4/2/9
A new plaque to be announced soon!
I'm delighted to say that there will be another Plaque going up in the very near future, dedicated to a couple of comedy legends that have graced a certain building in Central London!
It already has the backing of those concerned and I have been approached to help put this all together! I look forward to the challenge!!!!!
More news in a few weeks when I can make this formally public!
Stay Tuned folks!!!