Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Captain Chaos

Captain Chaos: The end to all things Chaos?

Sad news reached my earholes today regarding the passing of the great Dom DeLuise who kept many of us mere mortals amused, in particular, as his legendary role of the mighty 'Captain Chaos'. He will be greatly missed by his follows and fellow Chaos students!

RIP Captain!!

Is this the end to all things Chaos ?

Q: Do you possess an inner Captain Chaos? : Is it time to settle down into full-time responsible Adulthood if you have not already..?...The Chaos theory explained from my humble point of view.. well, kind of explained:

Well, as the sub title suggests.. I'm finally looking into the possibility at abandoning the long held mantle of one's own inner Captain Chaos as it seems to have been a slight staple in one's life recently!

So...Imagining the possibilities of a chaos free existence and joining the ranks of the responsible grown up could create many things in your life:

*A Nice responsible job selling insurance ? A nice grey suit with matching briefcase and a lovely thick side-parting to match?

*Drinking only Tomato Juice at weekends and sharing a crafty sherry at Christmas ?

I'm looking into this astounding possibility at abandoning the cape of Chaos for good and looking to act in far more responsible way than I have done sometimes owing to that bad philosophy I carried in ''taking fun seriously''! I can give you many an example of frolics which have Chaos written over it, be it encouraging a pal to jump on the back of a moving Fire Engine with me to drinking one's own body weight in a mammoth yet stupid and pointless 4 month booze bender'' -All bad things kids!!!

So is Biddiss finally on the verge of out and out maturity and wanting to take total responsibility whilst earning himself a nice new pipe and slippers in the process ?

Does anyone want to buy the well worn chaotic cape of Chaos from me, used previously by one careless owner ?

Am I hitting a very early mid life crisis point or has long overdue wisdom knocked on my door ?

Does anyone know of a good Neurosurgeon who may wish to investigate the neurotransmitters in the Biddiss Brain to establish if indeed, a new found circuit has finally engaged the mature part of his grey matter ?

If you have the answer or indeed wish to talk me out of this new sense of existence..then do get in touch...otherwise..don't!

Next week, I will be discussing the merits of knitting and it's place in Cornwall society and the scandal of the Frant Bowling Club that actually lets folk under 81 play at weekends!

..& on that blue rinsed Bombshell

I Bidd thee a nice day until the next time!


A very bored Biddiss