Thursday, 19 March 2009

The thin line of Interpretation & mis-interpretation:Reading into what's there and not there: The Biddiss Debate :

Hi Folks.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the 1st throes of Spring..(while it lasts)
I've been a way for a wee while, dealing with all manner of things that have been currently occupying the thought strands of Mr Biddiss!

The past few months alone has been rather quite surreal & rather exhausting all in one fowl swoop though in other aspects, it has also been quite creative artistically thinking....

....Which neatly brings me onto the subject of interpretation and mis-interpretation!

For eons, it has been academically accepted that Men and Women sometimes tend to communicate differently to one another. Now, when there are fraught emotions in there too with the opposite number, I think the communication angle can get very haz-hazard and all manner of things can be lost in translation and interpretation in times of stress.

People, it must be said, do tend to be like magnets and it's no wonder the world can be in such a state as it is when pride takes place before the inevitable fall, no matter what fence you sit on!!!

...& on that Bombshell...
I'll be seeing you...with a less fraught blog next time!!
Mr B