Wednesday, 15 July 2009

...''So where was I exactly'' ? Behold, ''The Blog of Biddiss'' returns

Hello good folks,

Tis been a wee while since I last put Fingertips to Keyboard to write on here!

The last time I wrote I recall going through a Chaos-Life Crisis and was considering all sorts of things mature and normal such as taking up Bowls and robbing Sperm Banks!

Well, I'm glad to tell you that the inner Captain Chaos is still lurking inside me and seems to be forever ready to strike silliness at a inspirational whim. There has been many a time this year when one has been tested in all sorts of things that life throws so that inner Mr Chaos has been there to provide the laughs when the chips have turned a dirty shade of Brown!

Anyway, there have been many topics that have given my self satisfied sense of bloated opinion, an urge to write on here and share these Golden Nuggets of Wisdom with you but hey, please feel free to write in with any subjects you would like me to comment on in the hope that I know what I'm talking about!

So, for now, I shall write off but I will be back very soon!

Until then,

See you bye!

Lots of Love,


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Captain Chaos

Captain Chaos: The end to all things Chaos?

Sad news reached my earholes today regarding the passing of the great Dom DeLuise who kept many of us mere mortals amused, in particular, as his legendary role of the mighty 'Captain Chaos'. He will be greatly missed by his follows and fellow Chaos students!

RIP Captain!!

Is this the end to all things Chaos ?

Q: Do you possess an inner Captain Chaos? : Is it time to settle down into full-time responsible Adulthood if you have not already..?...The Chaos theory explained from my humble point of view.. well, kind of explained:

Well, as the sub title suggests.. I'm finally looking into the possibility at abandoning the long held mantle of one's own inner Captain Chaos as it seems to have been a slight staple in one's life recently!

So...Imagining the possibilities of a chaos free existence and joining the ranks of the responsible grown up could create many things in your life:

*A Nice responsible job selling insurance ? A nice grey suit with matching briefcase and a lovely thick side-parting to match?

*Drinking only Tomato Juice at weekends and sharing a crafty sherry at Christmas ?

I'm looking into this astounding possibility at abandoning the cape of Chaos for good and looking to act in far more responsible way than I have done sometimes owing to that bad philosophy I carried in ''taking fun seriously''! I can give you many an example of frolics which have Chaos written over it, be it encouraging a pal to jump on the back of a moving Fire Engine with me to drinking one's own body weight in a mammoth yet stupid and pointless 4 month booze bender'' -All bad things kids!!!

So is Biddiss finally on the verge of out and out maturity and wanting to take total responsibility whilst earning himself a nice new pipe and slippers in the process ?

Does anyone want to buy the well worn chaotic cape of Chaos from me, used previously by one careless owner ?

Am I hitting a very early mid life crisis point or has long overdue wisdom knocked on my door ?

Does anyone know of a good Neurosurgeon who may wish to investigate the neurotransmitters in the Biddiss Brain to establish if indeed, a new found circuit has finally engaged the mature part of his grey matter ?

If you have the answer or indeed wish to talk me out of this new sense of existence..then do get in touch...otherwise..don't!

Next week, I will be discussing the merits of knitting and it's place in Cornwall society and the scandal of the Frant Bowling Club that actually lets folk under 81 play at weekends!

..& on that blue rinsed Bombshell

I Bidd thee a nice day until the next time!


A very bored Biddiss

Thursday, 30 April 2009

It's only Thursday & the signs of Flu 'Fever' have arrived!!


Hi folks, this is just a wee Thursday entry of some of the slight hysteria already mounting over the impending Flu virus that is about to or has, hit our shores here in the UK.

On my way home last night, I spotted two commuters already with their masks on which was quite unnerving to say the least and maybe it's a sign of things to come within the next few weeks. WHO knows ?

Watching the WHO press conference last night, they have upped the level to 5 to state that the pandemic is imminent!! I'm starting to question my original thoughts that this would not be as serious but the escalating media frenzy and doom laden comments are sparking the doubts but in the end of the day, flu virus's are and have always been highly unpredictable so it's anyones guess how strong this could be. Could this be the virus they have always stated would one day come and wipe out some of the population like the Spanish Flu managed early last century or could this die out as soon as it came ? My optimistic head still, states the latter!! Don't panic kids, just wash your hands and avoid kissing dodgy looking folk like the plague!

It's in times like these though that we should all appreciate what we got in life and if you don't have it...go and get it!! Life is precious

& on that cheery note, I'll be back next week with a brighter and wheezier blog...I hope!!

Peace & love


...& Now for something completly different:

Monday, 27 April 2009

(S)'Wine Flu,Recession and Big Brother Britain..& it's only Monday!

What Swine gave me flu?

It's Monday 27th April & it it seems that the world is about to be wiped out by a mutating Pig virus!! It does all sound pretty hairy though it's best remembering that the Avrian 'Bird' flu virus was meant to have wiped the world out nearly two years ago with all the media frenzy so its best to keep that in mind. Humans are a tough old bunch & a lot healthier than in the days of the Spanish Flu...just trying to keep an optimistic head on one's shoulders ..until the dreaded symptoms hit could hit and then Bad MANFLU appears!!


It's only Monday and yet, All I'm hearing is that the main core of the reccession is finally here..sitting in my office, it seems most of the folk are hearing of nothing else from their clients and the outlook looks shite, well at least for now, even my job here is about to come to an end so its a pretty depressing thing searching out for work which is scarse on the ground but battle through we shall!!

BB Britain:

I've read today that our nosey Big Brother of a Goverment are still not satisfied into prying into our lives further ( under the guise of terrorism protection) so that want to keep ALL records of anything we say or write in personal emails or phone calls!! The fact that goverment agencies can do this anyway if they are looking into suspect plots is justified but this plan they have for normal folk is just a step toooooo far and it has Chinese styled Communism written all over it!!! Very worrying...

Well , thats Monday covered, lets hope the week gets better eh...& for the Sun to rear its head again!!

All the best


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

It's been some time but Biddiss is back on the Blog

Hello folks, it has been a wee while since I ventured on the Blogispere to air any news!! Subjects are a little thin on the ground this week until I start putting on my thinking cap back on so I may take this opportunity to have a blogout this week with what I've been up too recently!

Well, having spent a little time away ,I've been busy finishing off the draft for a children's book character with which I have received some encouraging news from a publisher but its early days yet so I'm not going to get too excited though the signs are looking good as what I have done has apparently not been done before!!! I'd love to tell you the scoop but I have to leave it for another time when I get the clearance to do so...I shall keep thee posted

In other news, have been recording as well as writing some new material which may come out before the album itself as I'm looking to do a mini-album of acoustic songs. One of the new tracks 'Takes-1-2-know 1' is a stomper and I will try and get that released online within the next few months if everything goes to plan...

In other news, I will be doing a little stint on a programme on BB3 which I will be recording next month...more news about what it's all about soon...

So aside from that, not much else to report!! Hope you all are doing well and remember kids, don't give up to giving up, no matter what the buggers put you through!!

& on that bombshell .. I'll speak to you very soon

Much love


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

...& the award goes too........

You see, there's always some upside to the downsides though you don't want to frame it sometimes!