Wednesday, 22 April 2009

It's been some time but Biddiss is back on the Blog

Hello folks, it has been a wee while since I ventured on the Blogispere to air any news!! Subjects are a little thin on the ground this week until I start putting on my thinking cap back on so I may take this opportunity to have a blogout this week with what I've been up too recently!

Well, having spent a little time away ,I've been busy finishing off the draft for a children's book character with which I have received some encouraging news from a publisher but its early days yet so I'm not going to get too excited though the signs are looking good as what I have done has apparently not been done before!!! I'd love to tell you the scoop but I have to leave it for another time when I get the clearance to do so...I shall keep thee posted

In other news, have been recording as well as writing some new material which may come out before the album itself as I'm looking to do a mini-album of acoustic songs. One of the new tracks 'Takes-1-2-know 1' is a stomper and I will try and get that released online within the next few months if everything goes to plan...

In other news, I will be doing a little stint on a programme on BB3 which I will be recording next month...more news about what it's all about soon...

So aside from that, not much else to report!! Hope you all are doing well and remember kids, don't give up to giving up, no matter what the buggers put you through!!

& on that bombshell .. I'll speak to you very soon

Much love


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