Monday, 27 April 2009

(S)'Wine Flu,Recession and Big Brother Britain..& it's only Monday!

What Swine gave me flu?

It's Monday 27th April & it it seems that the world is about to be wiped out by a mutating Pig virus!! It does all sound pretty hairy though it's best remembering that the Avrian 'Bird' flu virus was meant to have wiped the world out nearly two years ago with all the media frenzy so its best to keep that in mind. Humans are a tough old bunch & a lot healthier than in the days of the Spanish Flu...just trying to keep an optimistic head on one's shoulders ..until the dreaded symptoms hit could hit and then Bad MANFLU appears!!


It's only Monday and yet, All I'm hearing is that the main core of the reccession is finally here..sitting in my office, it seems most of the folk are hearing of nothing else from their clients and the outlook looks shite, well at least for now, even my job here is about to come to an end so its a pretty depressing thing searching out for work which is scarse on the ground but battle through we shall!!

BB Britain:

I've read today that our nosey Big Brother of a Goverment are still not satisfied into prying into our lives further ( under the guise of terrorism protection) so that want to keep ALL records of anything we say or write in personal emails or phone calls!! The fact that goverment agencies can do this anyway if they are looking into suspect plots is justified but this plan they have for normal folk is just a step toooooo far and it has Chinese styled Communism written all over it!!! Very worrying...

Well , thats Monday covered, lets hope the week gets better eh...& for the Sun to rear its head again!!

All the best


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