Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Peter Cook plaque :It's up..thank f**k!

...& Finally!

After a year & a half, from coming up with the obsurd idea of honouring one of the worlds greatest comedians , to trying to arrange the day only to have had it hijacked halfway through which caused a split between myself and The Heritage Foundation who organised the official bash,along with Westminster Council. The plaque with my lovingly put inscription has finally been nailed to the wall (not in chiswick-Derek & clive fans know what I mean:) ) ..

I can finally put to bed an episode that has been anything but fun!

Well, thankfully, this little saga which entailed a couple of deranged online stalkers ( who are still now mailing me with there bile (we know who you are) has been put to bed, I can move on to pastures new finally! I'm now looking to recharge the Biddiss batteries and plow on competing the album and start getting back into normal life..as well as licking my wounds :(!!

I shall be back soon with a new page and a new start!!

Has it been worth all the strain ???

No, not really but I have no regrets,, aside from a few from the ones who mattered!!!

All the best


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