Wednesday, 7 January 2009

It's 2009 :New year, new start and I declare the recession denied!

Hi folks,

Firstly, a happy new year to you all and hope you all had a nice time over the holidays.

I'm quite relieved xmas and the holidays are now over ( why does everything seem to slow down 2 months before xmas anyway-what a waste :) ) .

I'm itching to get back into the swing of things as last year hit a few snags ( made redundant last August through the 'recession'). Despite all the doom and gloom that the media are dishing out daily, the only way through this I believe is to deny it's here and just plough through it until we're at the other side. I personally am on a mission this year alone to acomplish what I have set out to achieve. This includes finishing off that bloody opus debut album I have been slaving over for 2 years.. I finally can see the light..but an awful lot more work needs to be done before it's finished...It'll be worth the wait though.. When you (hopefully) get to hear it then you will understand where I'm coming from. It's no white stripes set up with one guitar and drums.. It's got everything running through it.. it's like having producing Star Wars on the damm thing!! In the end, the songs are sounding fantastic but I set myself a challenge to do something a little different here and there with underlining soundscapes which makes it sound like a punkier version of 'OK Computer' meets 'Hysteria' meets 'Dark side of the Moon' .... a huge challenge and a bit too over ambitious but It's way too late to go back on it now so will all hear what I'm banging on about :)

Peter Cook:

Well, I'm looking forward to Feb 15th owing to the Peter Cook plaque going up finally. I'm looking forward to seeing folks faces when they read the inscription on it.. I hope I'll make the late Mr Cook smile.. hopefully, there will be a few chuckles from those who walk past the plaque and view it.... I'd love to tell you what's on there but that would be spoiling the surprise-just to say that it's never happened on a plaque before so it's a 1st !!

Anyway, not much to add for now.. quite busy arranging this and that for the record and getting my butt into gear now I have the chance too !!

So for now, it's a cheery bye from me and It's a goodbye from you !!

Keep smiling & remember...

2009 will treat you just fine !!!

All the very best!



  1. Yeah you will need to tell me when the albam comes out it sounds amazing

  2. I will do.. If I can work out how to put an mp3 on here I may give some of you a sneaky listen:)!

  3. Hey, Mark. I just noticed that you are following the blog -- Three Girls Grown Up. I'm 'one of the girls' and sadly I've been the one to let down the others in regards to keeping up with the blogging. (I intend to change that!)Anyway, I was interested to know why you decided to follow the blog-- what was the attraction for you? You seem way too cool for the goofy three! :-)

  4. Speak for yourself, Shannon. :) Sorry Mark, we've walked in on your blog and taken it over! (This is not unlike what we do all over the place in real life.)

  5. Hiya Shannon and Wendy.. I think you both are way to cool for my humble blog but I beg thee to stay around :)