Monday, 15 December 2008

Problem ? What Problem? Plus other seasonal ding-dongs

A hello and a big thank you to those who have folllowed and even responded to my 1st blog, I hope you'll stick around and we can all get to know and understand one another and have fun along the way :)

The Xmas 'Sling a Ding-Dong' :

Well, It's nearly xmas and already the traditonal stress fest has begun in earnest!
There has , to date, already been a few good ding-dongs with my family and girfriend over Xmas, all concerning money & that pressure to buy, buy, buy!! X-mas, should, I feel, be for KIDS ONLY and not for adults who are always seemingly overdoing it on the pressie front .
Don't get me wrong, I am def not a scrooge as I love the build up to it and the excitment children get from well as some 'adults' like me.... Only this weekend, I was up at 7 in the morning making paper chain snowmen with my girlfriends kids which was major fun. No , My point is the overwhelming pressure cooker pot of stress that mothers , and I mean mothers, feel at xmas.

I understand 100% there are many things to consider. from where to go or whom is coming & all the money that seems to go down the drain on splashing out on presents that would be dumped without a second thought the very next day ( or hour with some kids). So, I say this to mothers who are always feeling the pinch and , to combat it, are taking it out on their nearest and dearest (i.e.-me) , Stop!!!! Buy the buggers 1 or 2 presents that you KNOW they will cherish and respect instead of splashing out on small, medium side presents to match what the other kids in their life. Have them respect what they have and they may pass this onto their children later on in life

I still think it's the adults to blame sometimes as they are probably guilty themselves when they unleash their inner kid in toyshops and go on a mad shopping frenzy only to regret it afterwards or worry what their child would say if they don't get what they want !! Never spoil them in that case-make them respect and understand that what they have is something they should love as it came from folks that love them......I think we should all take a step back, be rational sometimes, plan in advance and don't build everything up as it nearly always deflates on Christmas day !!! I think that's me off the sock and soap list this year lol

That's now off my chest (lol) but I will return with a more light hearted round up later today or this week! Please feel free to comment or make suggestions. It would be nice to get to know you all and vice versa!

Until then,
Be good



  1. Well i guess its the idea of the way people come to think of the holiday season. Its a way truely to express that simple joy on everyones face that one day. If only for the work of people truely giving of themselfs.

  2. I do agree but not with the amount of stress that some people feel they should put themselves under! Xmas is a time for joy and no matter how big or small the gift (or any gift at all), we should just celebrate it for what it is!

  3. Aww, so true..I am guilty as charged! I spoil my children, which has gotten me a whole lot of heartache.
    I'll drink to that.